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The MYP Network Conditions

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey with The MYP Network. For Partners, demonstrate commitment, embrace tech-focused businesses, and adhere to legal terms. Connections and Associates contribute strategically, showcasing expertise, reliability, and willingness to collaborate. Whether you are fostering goodwill or providing specialised support, The MYP Network is where your commitment fuels a thriving collaborative innovation ecosystem.

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Main Commitments for All Stakeholders

Commitment to Collaboration: Foster a collaborative spirit. Embrace Innovation: Incorporate technology for mutual success. Transparent Communication: Engage in open and transparent communication.

Conditions to Become a Partner, an Associate or Connection

Embark on an entrepreneurial journey with The MYP Network.

Tech Focus: Businesses in Technology, IT, IoT, or Media sectors. Legal and Financial Compliance: Legally registered with a BRN, adherence to legal agreements. Collaboration and Commitment: Willingness to collaborate, provide services, and adhere to network conditions. Strategic Contribution: Contribute strategically to support network growth. Expertise and Willingness: Possess indispensable expertise, demonstrate willingness to contribute. Mutually Beneficial Collaboration: Foster mutually beneficial compensation models aligned with provided value.