Category :Entertainment
Status :In Development
Location :Regional
Partner :Multi

Event Platform

This premium domain name provides a business and investment opportunity to develop an events platform. The site aims to promote events in Mauritius and Rodrigues as a starter followed by an expansion to the Indian Ocean and African region. An event calendar with automated event submission will help build an audience, while functions of tickets sales and event planner with integrated payment system will target entertainment businesses and event organisers.

Quick Notes

Audience : Local and International Event Organisers, Businesses, Individuals and Public. Region : Regional.

Source Of Revenue : Subscriptions (business and public), Ticket sales, Advertising, Premium features, Sponsored articles, Marketing affiliations, transaction commissions.

Network Partners : Cross-marketing, referral, promotion and joint venture with other media partners. Exit Strategy : Available for acquisition by other tech companies. Candidate : Event and Cultural oriented persons, Management and Tech Professionals.