Category :Media
Status :Active
Location :Mauritius
Partner :Single

Business And Economy E-Magazine

This e-magazine is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network Partners, for publishing articles, information and data about trade, import/export, financial sectors, employment, business and the economy in Mauritius. Join us in sharing timely updates on market trends, regulatory changes and emerging opportunities to enrich the understanding of our audience.

Quick Notes

Audience : Trade sectors, professionals, expats, investors, policymakers, and individuals interested in Mauritius' trade, economy, and business landscape.

Region : Mauritius.

Source Of Revenue : Advertising, Sponsored articles, Subscription, Marketing affiliations.

Network Partners : Cross-marketing, referral, promotion and joint venture with other media partners (podcast and e-magazines).

Exit Strategy : Available for acquisition by other media companies.

Candidate : Content Writers and Financial Professionals.