Status :Active
Location :Regional
Partner :Multi

Yellow Pages IO

This online directory is available as a business opportunity in the MYP Network. YellowPages.IO serves as the central portal for the Yellow Pages network of entrepreneurs, aiming to connect all online business directories across the Indian Ocean region. While English is the default language, French serves as the secondary language, with options for additional languages available.
MYP provides a Yellow Pages platform that is more than just a directory. The project enables collaboration with other MYP Network Partners within e-commerce i.e. Yellow Markets.

Quick Notes

Audience : Entrepreneurs, Businesses, NGOs, NPOs, Government Officials, Public Services, Local Authorities. Region : Worldwide. Source Of Revenue : Listing, Advertising, Sponsored articles, Marketing affiliation. Network Partners : Cross-marketing, referral, promotion and joint venture with other media partners. Exit Strategy : Available for acquisition by other tech companies. Candidate : Business Management and Tech Professionals.